Posting these cat-cartoons-without-the-cartoon was a long journey that I don’t know if I’ll repeat soon again. A daily blog is tough … even when you have your material handed to you! But, I couldn’t have done it without the artwork from the following contributors of the Valley Cottage Calendar The 2011 Cat: Cartoon-A-Day Calendar (edited by Sam Gross):

Ed Arno, Aaron Bacall, Isabella Bannerman, Donna Barstow, Simon Bond, George Booth, Art Bouthillier, Orlando Busino, John Caldwell, John Callahan, Dave Carpenter, Roz Chast, Tom Cheney, Artemis Cole, Daniel Collins, Jack Corbett, Frank Cotham, Michael Crawford, Leo Cullum, Aldon Dedini, Steve Delmonte, Liza Donnelly, Nick Downes, Boris Drucker, Joseph Farris, Edward Frascino, Filie Galindo (Feggo), Mort Gerberg, Randy Glasbergen, Sam Gross, Sidney Harris, Jonny Hawkins, Mark Heath, Diego Herrera (Yayo), William Hoest, Phil Interlandi, George Jartos, John Kane, Jerry King, Robert Leighton, Arnie Levin, Lo Linkert, Bill Long, Mike Lynch, Theresa McCracken, Jerry Marcus, Henry Martin, Scott Masear, Michael Maslin, Rip Matteson, Bill Maul, P.S. Mueller, Mary Nadler, Richard Oldden, Don Orehek, Stephanie Piro, Peter Porges, Arturo Pottier, John Reeves, Doug Reina, Dan Reynolds, J.P. Rini, Charles Rodrigues, Tony Rosa, Al Ross, Thomas Runyan, Charles Sauers, Brian Savage, Bernard Schoenbaum, Dan Shanahan, Mike Shapiro, Vahan Shirvanian, David Sipress, Peter Steiner, Mick Stevens, Rick Stromoski, Fred H. Thomas, Mark Tonra, George Trosley, Mike Twohy, Matthew Van Fleet, P.C. Vey, John S. P. Walker, Kim Warp, Alex Noel Watson, Chris Weyant, Gahan Wilson, Paul Wood, Bill Woodman, Andy Wyatt, Bob Zahn, Jack Ziegler

This experiment was not intended to take the place of the calendar or art and all mistakes are expressly mine. And finally, thanks to all of you who have looked in and enjoyed!


This post is one in a series which is described here.


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  1. monado says:

    It’s such a neat idea, though! Thank you;

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